About Us – What we are



What We Are


As a Church we are passionate about promoting the good news about Jesus Christ. We believe that because Jesus came into the world, died on a cross and rose over death that all who believe in him are forgiven and will live forever with God. We believe and teach the Bible. It’s our authority for all of life and its teaching is central to our times of worship.


We believe that the Bible teaches that when a person hears, understands and believes the good news of Jesus Christ, they should respond by faith. This means turning from sin, trusting Christ for salvation and obeying Christ. One of the first steps is believers’ baptism. This involves immersing the whole person in water as a rich symbol of what has already taken place in their life.


We are a local church, that governs itself under the guidance of the Bible. We have good relationships with many other Bible believing churches, but are entirely financed by the voluntary gifts of those involved in this church.