Church is all about relationship. Relationship with God and relationship with each other. Starting this summer we are reworking our midweek plan to greater reflect this.

The first Tuesday of the month prayer meeting changes to ‘Church Family Together’.
The second Tuesday changes from Home Groups to ‘Growth groups’.
The third Tuesday changes from Bible Study to ‘Connect 3’.
The fourth Tuesday changes to ‘Growth groups’.
The Fifth Tuesday changes to ‘Men/women prayer groups’.

More information of each of these new initiatives will follow shortly.


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  1. I am the pastor’s wife at Kirby Evangelical Church. We are wondering if your church has a Mother & Toddler group and if you plan to start up again soon. If so, what kind of restrictions are you putting in place to safeguard all those involved and attending. I have read the government guidelines for Soft Play groups and just wondering how other churches might be handling things once they reopen. Thank you for your help. Dawn Houghten

    • Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for your message.
      We do have a mother and toddler group. It is usually on Wednesday mornings.
      At the moment we don’t have plans to re-open it, though we hope to as soon as we feel able.
      This Sunday evening will be our first in-person gathering at church. If this goes well we hope to begin to look into re-opening the other groups and activities that go on, but we aren’t at that stage yet.
      Every blessing

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